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  【Boc International中银国际】-Real Gold Mining 1Q11 results in line;fur   [2011-5-13]
  【GuocoCapital国浩资本】-Market watch   [2011-3-15]
  【Kingsway汇富】-still gold focus   [2011-3-15]
  【Macquarie麦格理】-Real Gold Mining Post results briefing takeaway   [2011-3-15]
  【BOCOM INTERNATIONAL 交银国际】-Gold miner enjoying low production cost   [2011-3-15]
  【Boc International中银国际】-Real Gold Mining FY10 results in line;stron   [2011-3-15]
  【Boc International中银国际】-Real Gold Mining FY10 results preview    [2011-3-9]
  【Macquarie麦格理】-Basic Material ldeas Slower demand & higher inven   [2011-3-9]
  【Standard Chartered渣打银行】-Real Gold Mining (OUTPERFORM   [2011-3-3]
  【Macquarie麦格理】-China gold sector The safe haven push   [2011-3-1]
  【Kingsway汇富】-A real gold prod   [2011-2-19]
  【CLSA】-2010 Earnings ahead   [2011-2-15]
  【Citi花旗】-Global Gold Book Size Does Not Matte   [2011-2-14]
  【Macquarie麦格理】-The Global Metals & Mining Specialist    [2011-1-20]
  【Boc International中银国际】-China/Hong Kong Gold Sector Entering a gol   [2011-1-19]
  【Citi花旗】-Real Gold Mining Transfer of Cove   [2011-1-13]
  【GuocoCapital国浩资本】-Market watch   [2010-12-30]
  【SinoPac赛诺】-Buy Revise down PER to more reasonable level   [2010-12-28]
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